Project SheIS was born from a place of struggle and has now been transformed into a platform to encourage.
Utilizing various means of expression -particularly word, speech, and art- Project SheIS seeks to inspire, encourage and motivate others; challenging them to think about what their core beliefs are, as it relates to faith, beauty and purpose.


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Alkelan Gaspard

Alkelan Gaspard

“Way too many persons have told me to my face, that my size was a problem.
Way too many persons think I suffer from anorexia.
Way too many adults have forced me to eat way more than I can at once, because they thought I wasn't well fed.
Way too many persons think it is okay to approach me and insist that my beauty should match up to their standards.
Way too many people.
Way too many irrelevant, insignificant, presumptuous, mentally stuck people who do not realize what their words do.
Way too many of them, stuck with a mindset that says that my differences and my apparent flaws makes me a problem. When really, they are what makes me, me. It's what makes me stand out.

"I just want to let you know that beauty is not a standard.
It lies in the arms of our most insecure places.
Beauty is in our differences.
When we embrace those differences."

Maybe some may say I am in denial, because I choose to celebrate my 'flaws', but I'd rather do that, and believe that I was made perfectly, by a perfect God; than to allow others' thoughtless words to break me down and cause me to hide all my life.
Or worse, to end it.
Yes, it is that serious.”



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Project SheIS is about redefinition.

Every woman has been taught certain things about who she is or who she is supposed to be. What’s being taught or portrayed is by society- whether it be by family, friends, media, music, or the fashion industry. As a result, most persons have allowed these perceptions and opinions to be the foundation which they built their identity upon. We have adopted certain mindsets, attitudes and behaviors based upon who culture/society says we ought to be and how we ought to live.
However, we were created with a specific intention and purpose, by the Creator, so therefore we need to look to Him when seeking out the intention and purpose for our lives.

With Project SheIS, we want to discover what that purpose and intention is and set out on the path to becoming all that we are intended to be. Not in our own self, but in the one who created us.

Becoming who we are.
Becoming who ‘She’ is.
She is found in God