Beautiful Things

Photo by NextGen Photography

I just wish you saw yourself the way I see you - the way He sees you.
Its like you’re blind dear,
and I don’t know if I will ever know
what came around to cover your eyes,
Preventing you from seeing your true worth, Queen.
If only you knew that it ran in your DNA
and not one inch of you doesn’t scream of it.
Maybe then you would value the bits and pieces and inches of your being
Maybe then you would think twice or more
when these bidders try to take a piece of you
You would see, and know that you are priceless.
Gosh, I just want to tell you that you are beautiful.
But no species of man should be the one to validate that,
you ought to know it- from your Creator.
You ought to know your Creator, who He really is
Know that love is part of your DNA too
You were made from love, with love,
and for love- true love.
If only I could have told you that you were beautiful,
That these ideologies that have been planted in all of our minds were lies all along,
and that every inch of our being is worthy of love,
worthy to be respected,
worthy to be valued,
worthy to be treasured.
That’s how you treat something beautiful
That’s how you treat beautiful things.